Captivated by the North

As the temperatures drop across the country, it seems fitting that we’d feature a post about Canada’s Great North. But it really is great, and despite their frigid weather, there is so much allure and mystery to the region.

Magazines based-out of the territories are sharing their inspiring stories and histories. UpHere Magazine, 2010 National Magazine Awards “Magazine of the Year,” is from Yellowknife, NWT and publishes eight times a year.

“From our position North of Sixty, we bring to life the North’s timeless yet dynamic romance, intrigue, wonder and weirdness.”

The magazine really encapsulates this exact description. In their October/November 2011 issue, a story entitled “The Man Who Refused to Die” tells the story of a bush plane pilot who crashes in the Arctic and survives for 58 days alone, showing the Northern spirit of adventure and survival. In the most recent issue, a story about wolves called “Wolves in our Blood” helps to provide understanding of Northern values and discourses. UpHere is a great peek at what life is really like up there. It’s no wonder why duly-deserved attention has been building for the North.

The writers at the Ryerson Review of Journalism have also been captivated by the north, making it their cover story on the Winter 2012 issue and providing a four-part special about the region. The issue was just released with a launch last week. A teaser is available.

Make sure to check out both magazines.


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